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"A graduated from the famous Berklee College of Music, Romain Pilon has been teaching guitar privatly for more then twenty years. A renown educator, he has given master classes in France and many countries 

References workshop/masterclass :

California Jazz Conservatory, Berkeley / Porta Jazz, Porto / Jazz School Luiz Villas Boas, Lisbon, Portugal / Jazz Station, Bruxelles / Conservatoire de Nantes / Conservatoire de Narbonne / Conservatoire d’Amiens / E-state University, Jonesboro / University of San Diego, Usa / Malta Jazz Festival / Vitoria Jazz Festival / Santander (Espagne) / Escuela de Canal, Madrid / Conservatoire Superior de Musica de Navarra, Espagne /

Centre Musique Didier Lockwood / Centro Civico de Casetas, Zaragoza / MusikSchule Laemmle, Kerzen / Wurzburg University Of Music, Germany / Conservatoire de Tarbes / Conservatoire de Tourcoing / Conservatore Royal de Bruxelles, Belgium / Universidad Alfonso X, Madrid / Maastricht Conservatory, Netherlands / Conservatorio Superior de las Palmas (Canary Islands)… 



Topics covered are, among others : 

- articulation 

- vocabulary (bebop scales, pentatonics, triads, augmented scale, mel. minor, harm.minor...)

- chords ( drop2, drop2/3, modal voicings, open triads...)

- rhythmic placement (metronome exercices, inner pulse, swing feel...)

- technique

- repertoire 

- comping  






I also give skype lessons, i've had students in Mexico, Japan, Brazil, USA, Poland, Honduras, Denmark, Portugal, Hong Kong, South Corea, Island, Usa, Perou..


If you are interested in skype/zoom lessons or happen to be in Paris and would like a "real lesson";

if you want infos about about the rates for 1h or 30min or just want to say hello ! Send me a mail using the contact form below !

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