"A graduated from the famous Berklee College of Music, Romain Pilon has been teaching guitar privatly for more then twenty years. A renown educator, he has given master classes in France and many countries (Usa, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Malta, Brazil...)"


Topics covered are, among others : 


- articulation 

- vocabulary (bebop scales, pentatonics, triads, augmented scale, mel. minor, harm.minor...)

- chords ( drop2, drop2/3, modal voicings, open triads...)

- rhythmic placement (metronome exercices, inner pulse, swing feel...)

- technique

- repertoire 

- comping  






I also give skype lessons, i've had students in Mexico, Japan, Brazil, USA, Poland, Honduras, Denmark, Portugal, Hong Kong, South Corea, Island, Usa, Perou..


If you are interested in skype lessons or happen to be in Paris and would like a "real lesson"; if you want infos about about the rates for 1h or 30min or just want to say hello ! Send me a mail using the contact form below !

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